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professional cake artist and calligrapher


My Story

Eight years ago I was still living in my native Honduras designing and decorating cakes in my "Sweets Cake Shoppe". This was my first business which I started right after graduating from college with a BA in Business and Industrial Administration. I had very little knowledge about baking or art,  but I had a big passion and love for both. In my spare time I taught myself calligraphy from a book I found at the university book shop. And that is how I spent my days while my cakes were baking.  Eventually Sweets grew to be the most popular shop in town. But after four years of baking and teaching myself the art of calligraphy I knew I needed some professional training since I am an avid perfectionist.  I stumbled upon the world renowned, Chicago based French Pastry School where for the next four months I would study and graduate from L'Art du Gateau, a certification program that focuses mainly on cake artistry and baking with French methods taught by some of the best pastry chefs in the world.

I had the rest of my life planned: I would graduate from the Cake Program, go back to Honduras, make the best cakes in the country, grow old and have my children take over my super successful business. But God had a different plan for me! I fell in love with my instructor, went back to Honduras, became engaged, closed my shop and moved to the United States to be with him permanently.

 Living in Chicago I adapted to the bitter cold weather and to married life; I began taking calligraphy classes and started learning from some of the best calligraphers in the world and promoting my work. Seven months later I was the lead cake artist at the very popular Bittersweet Pastry Shop. My second job in Chicago was with the boutique cake studio Elysia Root Cakes.

Today my goals are to have strong connections with my clients and to provide you with the best work my hands have ever produced: highly detailed, refined, elegant and many times edible.

Work does not feel like work to me but when I am not making art you can find me doing Crossfit, snuggling my four legged baby Archie, cooking a healthy meal or watching a crime investigation documentary.

Thank you for joining me in this never-ending journey, but most of all thank you for letting me be a part of your special day.

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The Story Behind The Logo 


 I feel I have a responsibility and mission to my mother country, Honduras, its culture and people ,who made me who I am today. I do this by producing quality work in one of the most competitive markets and by being exemplary as a citizen and as a professional. 

I knew I wanted to incorporate a Honduran symbol to my logo and amongst all the Macaw is the most beautiful. The Scarlet Macaw is our national bird. They are magnificent, regal, affectionate and peaceful.

The image above is the original un-digitized monogram and miniature watercolor that makes my logo and which was entirely designed and made by me.


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